What we need

What we will need to get it served 


1. If sending via email: a PDF version of the service documents combined into one (1) file. If sending via FedEx, mail, or similar: three (3) copies of the documents to be served (Note: all 3 sets can be copies; original documents are not required, except for service to India – India requires one (1) original set.

2. A letter of instructions advising us the defendant’s name, service address, and requested method of service (i.e. formal or informal).

3. Payment for the service fees in U.S. dollars (we will bill you for the translation costs, if translation is required). 

(Note: Original documents are not required for above mentioned methods.) 

According to Hague convention, all the countries who have signed this convention, can take up overseas process service in different signatories states without using diplomatic or consular channel for sending judicial or extrajudicial documents on civil or commercial matters and process servers department of we always offers the benefit the power to all clients by providing personal process services under Hague convention. Please send your query at [email protected] if you need to process your documents under Hague convention.